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SeedDMS Organize Documents

SeedDMS Organize Documents
SeedDMS Organize Documents

SeedDMS a Web based DMS


SeedDMS is a free document management system with an easy to use web based user interface. It is based on PHP and MySQL or sqlite3 and runs on Linux, MacOS and Windows. Powerful platform for sharing and storing documents. ´╗┐SeedDMS offers lots of features, while being simple to install and intuitive to use.


SeedDMS manages documents and folders very similar to a file system on your hard disk. But it offers much more when it comes to additional meta data like the author, keywords, a description, and arbitrary attributes. A Document can have any number of versions, access rights and can be run through a workflow before it is released. The most common document types like PDF, MS Word, MS Excel can be indexed for full text search.

on: 11/23/2021