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PluXml - Blog and CMS on XML

PluXml - Blog and CMS on XML
PluXml - Blog and CMS on XML

PluXml - CMS Easy Websites


With just an Apache web server and PHP you can create a very fast website. It has a blog for articles and pages too. FlatFile xml database, there is a plugin for visual editing of articles. Mail notification for comments and an innovative captcha which is pleasant to use. Plugins for friendly URLs and other useful features. Thank You  - delabs 2020 


All data is stored in xml files. A simple copy of files allows you to move your site to a USB flash drive, making it completely portable. No database required, Multi-user with different permission levels, Static pages, categories, tag management, archives, Comment Management, Media Manager: Images, Documents, Rss feed of articles.

on: 11/20/2021